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FOR INQUIRIES, you may leave messages here. Please indicate your name and email address so we can get back to you, or come back here again for answers to your questions. This page will be checked regularly for your questions.

Note that under other pages, we didn’t allow the postings of comments to avoid confusion. This and the news page are the only ones where future delegates to the 61st JCI Philippines National Convention are allowed to ask us their questions. Thank you for your cooperation.

This also serves as a GUEST BOOK to our fellow JCI members who might want to wish us luck in hosting one of the JCI Philippines’ most significant event. Play the video while you write down your thoughts 🙂

You may also email us at or

11 Responses to “Guest Book”

  1. Just testing…

  2. Gud morning. this is JC Bong Adaza Chapter Treasurer of JCI Cagayan de Oro. with regards to hotel bookings can we book it through the Secretariat? or we make the direct bookings to the hotel/ inns as indicated in your website.
    whats the best hotel/pensionne inns/ resorts that you can recommend to us? MY wife and I ( Macajalar 24K JC)will be attending the NATCON in Puerto Princesa City. Thank You very Much.

  3. Hello, JCI Bong — sorry, this reply was a bit delayed. On your inquiry, we would rather prefer that the registration be done through us. From the links here, choose the hotel or pension house where you would want to be billeted so we can make arrangements for you. You may contact JCI Carlo Palo, the chairperson of the Accommodations Committee. His number and email is in the CONVENTION COMMITTEE page.

    JCI Teng

  4. Hi,

    We are trying to promote the National Convention to our members and will be posting information on our website – – and our groups in Facebook, Multiply and Friendster.

    May I ask for whatever information or picture your could provide, please.

    We’ve already promoted the NatCon on Facebook ( ) and have pasted a link to this WordPress account. We will do so with the rest of our Social Networking Groups.

    Can’t wait to be there!

    See you!

  5. Good morning!

    I would like to ask assistance from you regarding hotel accommodation that is nearest to the convention proper. Please advise the hotel rates and how to get there. Kindly include also, much affordable hotels/inns in the area which you could recommend for the members of JCI Cotabato. A minimum of 10 members will be attending the convention. Thank you!

    JCI Mem. Don Pasco
    LO Treasurer, JCI Cotabato
    Regional Secretary General, Southern Mindanao
    +639189118738; +639228378738

  6. now ko lang nakita ung greetings on my birthday! hahahaha! but i saw the one from facebook.

    Maraming salamat senyo! =)

  7. See you all!

    JCI Rommel S. Gerodias
    Chapter Secretary
    JCI San Pedro Portal Key

  8. Good morning! this is just an inquiry. If it is true that there will be a SEC GEN Assembly or training on October 7, 2009. I am an incoming SEC GEN of JCI Cagayan de Oro and i am willing to attend and participate however due to previous commitments in Cagayan de Oro i will be at P. Princesa on OCT. 8, 2009. I do hope that JCI will schedule a training for all incoming SEC GEN on any day within the time frame of the National Convention

    JCI Bong Adaza
    Incoming SEC GEN 2010

    • Hi, JCI Bong — we’re still communicating with the NTC (JCI Darwin Manubag or Sir Mennen) about this. Rest assured that we will let everyone interested the soonest possible time.

      JCI Teng Formoso
      Convention Director

  9. thanks for the response and hope to see you soon at the National Convention.

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