Things to Bring & to Wear:

1. Light casual wear is always practical when touring around the city.

2. Bring warm garments during rainy days (July to September) or when visiting mountainous areas where nights can be cool and chilly.

3. On hot summer months (March to May) it is best to wear a hat, a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen.

4. Carry an insect repellant, bottled water, and a flashlight when visiting remote and forested areas.

5. Expect to get wet on your trip to the Underground River, wear shorts and sandals.

Traveling Reminders:

1. Do not litter on roads, trails, beaches or sea. You can help keep the environment clean and make the city a better place to live and visit.

2. To help protect, preserve and conserve the natural beauty of the place, please avoid damage to forest, caves and corals, and don’t collect plant and animal species.

3. When entering ethnic and local villages, be sensitive to the local values and culture of the local people.

4. Entry permits and fees are required when visiting the Underground River and another attractions in the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

5. Always seek the services of a duly-registered and licensed tour agency and a licensed tour guide of the city.

6. It is advisable to register in Visitor Centers / Tourism Information Assistance

7. Centers, or with the Barangay (Village) office when visiting tourist spots or adventure destinations in the city, for better facilitation and assistance.

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